Fees are established according to services performed. Initial appointments may entail indirect services including physician and other professional and family consultation, records review, report writing, test interpretation, etc. Fees are charged for direct as well as indirect services. I do not participate with any insurance plans. Cash, check, and most credit cards (including HSA/FSA cards) are accepted forms of payment, which is due at the time of service.  Bounced checks are charged a $12 fee.  Please feel free to talk with me about any question you may have regarding the costs of my services.

My fees are: 

  • $600.00 for the initial consultation appointment lasting 120 minutes over two visits.

  • $270.00 per 50-minute session for follow-up psychotherapy and/or medication management services.

  • $180.00 per 25-minute appointment for medication management for established, stable patients.

  • $35.00 for review of records outside of the initial consultation visit

  • $10.00 for electronic/telephone prescription refills outside of an appointment

  • $15.00 for mailed prescription refills outside of an appointment

  • $40.00 for prescription prior authorization form completion/telephone call

  • $10.00 for completion of forms outside of appointment

  • $25.00-40.00 for writing and sending professional letters

  • $35.00 for generating a treatment summary

  • $3.00/minute for telephone/email services (coordination of care, discussions with family/school, etc) after the first 10 minutes