Please call or email me to request an initial assessment.  A complimentary initial telephone conversation will then be set up help determine if I am able to assist you with a consultation evaluation; anticipate that this conversation will last between 10-30 minutes.

An evaluation will then be scheduled at the earliest mutual convenience. You will be asked to complete rating scales and intake forms prior to this visit to facilitate the assessment.  Initial evaluations last 120 minutes, spread over two sessions.  

Upon completion of the assessment I will provide you with a copy of the psychiatric evaluation and treatment plan recommendations.  If after this initial assessment I feel that I will be able to help with the presenting concerns, and if you are interested in working with me, then we will schedule ongoing appointments based on the individual treatment plan.  If I feel that another provider would be a better fit for your needs then I will provide referrals upon completion of the assessment.  You will be able to take a copy of my evaluation and recommendations with you to share with the next provider should you so desire.

Medications are not typically prescribed at the end of the evaluation as discussions of medication options, risks, benefits, and alternatives requires additional time not built into the second half of the evaluation session.  Medication management and/or specific therapy planning will be done at the next appointment, scheduled at the earliest mutually available time.

Medication management appointments will initially occur 1-2 times per month, depending on the medication, presenting concerns, and any interim issues which may arise.  Once a stable dose of medication has been reached, appointments can be spread out to once every 1-3 months.  I prefer to maintain continuing close contact with my patients in order to determine how they are doing while on medications, assess for any new stressors or concerns, and discuss ongoing treatment needs.  This collaborative approach to care requires ongoing visits spaced out no further than every 3 months as much can change in a person's life over the course of 3 months' time.

Therapy appointments will occur weekly or every-other-week for the duration of the treatment plan related to the identified problem.  Typically skills-based therapy (such as CBT) addressing a specific complaint (e.g. social anxiety) will last approximately 8-12 sessions, ideally occurring weekly in order to maintain the momentum generated during each visit.  Parent Management Training (either with or without the child present) will also best be served by weekly visits initially, with visits being spread out over the course of treatment to a maximum of every 6 weeks for "maintenance" follow-up.